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The modern anti-abortion conspiracy in America - Anti-Dominionism [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The modern anti-abortion conspiracy in America [Apr. 23rd, 2011|06:07 am]


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by Gaius Publius on 4/22/2011 09:40:00 PM

If anyone doubts that there is a right-wing anti-abortion murder conspiracy in this country, those doubts should be fading fast. Another nail in the "it's not a conspiracy" coffin, via Rachel Maddow:

There is a threat of terrorism domestically, it comes from many sources, and right-wing anti-abortion terrorists is certainly one of the most significant.

As Katherine Spillar said so clearly (10:55 in the clip):

There has not been a single murder of a doctor in this country by an individual who was a lone wolf. In every single case the person who actually committed the murder has been an active participant in a network of extremists who promote the murder of doctors, who advocate the murder of doctors, who many of them, themselves, have committed violence.

And they start with threats, with gluing doors, and other acts of vandalism. That Kansas judge's decision is puzzling, isn't it. I wonder if Kansas elects judges.


Nebs Sez: The only thing these people understand is violence. If Angel Dillard's house was fire bombed, if snipers fired into a few clinic protests, if Operation Rescue's headquarters were car bombed during business hours, then most of this movement would vanish.

And now I guess I have to make some kind of public disclaimer that I personally not going to do such because only God fearing Xtians can make such a statement without fear of being investigated.